Social Media in Belize

Young people are all over Social Media in Belize. You will hear some say, that it’s useless and nothing good happens on it. Like anything else though, all the depends on how you choose to use it. Here are some Social Media accounts in Belize that we love.

Miss Deb’s (Facebook Page)

Miss Deb’s is probably one of the things people get most excited about in the Cayo District. Especially, when you see a post that the food truck is coming to a location near you. The food truck also travels to other districts but no matter where it is, Miss Deb’s food is tasty! It is also affordable and everyone falls in love with Miss Deb’s bubbly personality!

social media in belize

Life Uncommon (Facebook Page)

We just love the joy we feel watching the Life Uncommon TV Show on Plus TV. Hosts Andrea and Alida are always laughing about something and you can’t help but join in. No matter what’s going on in Belize, you can always count on them for a little morning laugh. By the way, they are wearing our Fi Wi Kontry Belize T-Shirt in the photo.

Social Media in Belize

District Youth Leadership Camp (Facebook Group)

This one if very close to our hearts. District is a camp we support financially. The group consists of young people who have attended the camp and serves as a place to encourage and just keep up with them long after camp is over. We love it because it’s nice to see long term investment in youth. See how you can support District Youth Leadership Camp.

District Belize

Mista Jack (Instagram)

Oh my goodness! This is probably our favorite page to go on each day, hoping to see a new post! Mista Jack is an Instagram account “dedicated to the greatness that is Fry Jack” as one fan shared. Fry Jack’s are pretty much every Belizean’s favorite breakfast meal. It’s so popular we made a t-shirt about it.

Social Media in Belize

Belize Kinks, Coils, Waves & Curls Community (Facebook Group)

By far, one of the most encouraging groups on Facebook in Belize. There are many pages and groups that share products and Belize news but this page is our favorite of them all. There is just so much motivation and support in this group. It seems like even those who care nothing about hair should join it just to see how supportive Belizeans can be. The group consists mainly of women. Usually, when women share on Facebook, they are self-conscious, and want everything to be perfect before they post for fear of what the Facebook world will have to say. In this group, it is nothing like that. People post photos and without a worry if it’s their best face or look.

Social Media in Belize