June in Belize

There are many months in a year, but June is the best month! We are just slightly biased as to why it is our favorite month.

1. June is the best month because it marks the beginning of summer!

In Belize, summers last forever but for everyone else, it’s the start of a long awaited break. Also, June is when most schools in Belize break for summer and what’s not to love about that!

Summer in Belize

2. It’s our founder’s birthday month!

Rumors are, if you shout her out on ID SEVEN’s Facebook page you could receive a discount on your next order. For all the June born folks or as we would say in Creole, “June Baan”, check out our June and other Birth Month T-Shirts!

June - Birth Month Tees

3. Last June (2016), our t-shirts almost made it into Buckingham Palace and VOGUE Magazine!

Our founder received the Queen’s Young Leaders Award last year at Buckingham Palace. Though our t-shirts made it to London, it was definitely not meeting the Queen attire. It also almost made it into VOGUE Magazine where the QYLs were featured alongside David Beckham.

4. We launched our website on June 1, 2017!

After working on our site for months, we finally launched in June 2017.JUNE is the Best Month

5. It’s the perfect month to visit Belize!

June falls in our slow season in Belize and as a result, you will find many deals such as discounts on hotel stays, tour packages and if you shop smart, even flights. Our new Jamaican friend, Cavaughn, was in Belize this month and got one of our Finish Strong Tees. Here is a pic of him enjoying the beautiful, blue waters of the Caribbean Sea while he was in San Pedro.

June in Belize - Finish Strong T-Shirt