I recently watched the new Beauty and The Beast movie and what an awesome job the directors did!

Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, yes I’m all grown up now but Disney Princesses never get old. I also love Ariel because I secretly may still want to be a mermaid! I mean, what girl didn’t?! Plus the Caribbean crab, Sebastian, would probably make me feel right at home! Any who, back to Belle.

I love Belle because of her story and persistence. People pretty much disliked her for no valid reason; simply because she was different. It seems like we have our very own Belle in Belize. Over the past year, Joyjah has caught the attention of many Belizeans, especially young girls.

After watching Beauty and the Beast, I thought about Joyjah and her story which she shares on her social media platforms. In her interview with Open Your Eyes, she said, “I always knew that I wanted to be a model… I got bullied a lot because I was different from everybody else, I was the mixed kid, I have freckles and big curly hair.” But today, Joyjah is famous for some of the same things she got bullied for.The Belle of Belize Joyjah

The Belle of Belize JoyjahI think of Joyjah as the Belle of Belize. Despite all the people who tried to make her feel ugly, this beauty shines. Joyjah is beautiful inside and out and has a really sweet and down-to-earth personality. She is really different, just like Belle, and we thank God for that. Her freckles and big curly hair are admired by many fans and undeterred by those who laughed at her desire to be a model, she is well on the road to a successful modeling career.

Look there she goes,
that girl is strange, no question.
Never part of any crowd,
‘Cause her head’s up on some cloud.

The Belle of BelizeToday, Joyjah is off on some cloud in London pursuing her dreams. She continues to inspire young girls in Belize and across the world. Guys, don’t be bullies; you may need that person’s help someday. Plus, you are so much better than that. And to all you Belles in Belize, ignore negativity and push towards your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem! God uniquely created each of us for a purpose: Psalm 139:14 + Ephesians 2:10.

By the way, don’t you think Joyjah would make a beautiful Disney princess? Even though she has more of a Queen status! Disney, I think it’s the time to release the Caribbean Disney Princess!

Caribbean Disney Princess

Caribbean Disney Princess?