Belize T-shirts to Celebrate Belize’s 36th Independence!

T-shirts are the perfect way to show your Belizean pride during the Belize September celebrations. Over the years, ID SEVEN has created a unique line of Belize T-shirts, perfect for all the events that surround the month of Independence celebrations.

5. Belize Flag Emblem

The Belize Flag Emblem Tee is one of our first tees but it is still a customer fave! At only $18 BZ, this Belize T-shirt is perfect for the Belize September Celebrations!

4. Fi Wi Kontry

The Fi Wi Kontry Tee was inspired by the heightened events of 2016 with Belize territorial rights. We are proud to call Belize home, from the Rio Hondo to the Sarstoon. Always our country, Land of the Free; Fi Wi Kontry! Get your Fi Wi Kontry T-shirt here, now available in Heather Gray!

3. Belize 1981

This is one of our best-selling tees and it made it to our must-have t-shirts list. The Belize 1981 T-Shirt features the Map of Belize and the axe and paddle from the Belize Flag.

2. Baymen’s Clan

The Baymen’s Clan T-shirt is our newest addition, released September 2017. We are proud to call Belize home, and stand proud as the Baymen’s Clan! Today is the final day to order to get yours in time for this year’s Independence Day!

1. Straight Outta Belize

This Belize T-shirt speaks for itself! The Straight Outta Belize T-shirt is for every Belizean not ashamed to rep where their from! You can get it in long and short sleeve crewneck styles.

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